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4 keys to help you succeed.

The objective of SIMpull Solutions® Optimization is to help you realize the benefits of SIMpull Solutions, which includes increased safety, increased productivity and ultimately increased profitability. It is more than just providing innovative solutions. It’s about supporting you along the way and helping you realize the maximum potential benefits.

Education & Awareness

It is important that all key stakeholders understand the new possibilities and impact on workflows – planning, ordering, set-up, material handling, installation & cleanup.

Effective Pre-Construction Planning

Full potential benefits cannot be realized unless the right solutions are effectively leveraged and incorporated during the pre-construction planning process.

Timely and Effective Support Executions

Useful and timely support is essential to help mitigate the learning curve impact and help maximize the potential benefit.

Learn, Improve & Extend

Multiply the benefits. We’ll leverage our full line of SIMpull Solutions products and our industry knowledge to increase safety, productivity, and profitability on your next project.

Circuit Optimization & Typical Branch Budgets

Branch (circuit wiring) labor typically makes up a significant portion of the overall wire and cable installation budget (50 – 70%), and can be the most challenging portion of the budget to meet or beat. Southwire has developed a planning methodology called “Circuit Optimization” that leverages the synergy of the entire portfolio of innovative products, services, equipment, tools and support resources to help you meet or beat the challenge.

Optimized vs. Traditional

Typical labor breakdown

Potential Impact of Optimization

Increasing productivity involves more than just increasing installation efficiency. Material handling makes up a significant portion of an electrician’s day, typically around 40%. The components that comprise typical labor activities include:

The key to optimizing your labor efficiency is to not only increase direct installation efficiency but also help you with the non-installation portions of labor. See Optimized vs. Traditional doughnut charts on the right.


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